An Indian Child

India is an amazing country.Pakka deshbhakt hu main.Yes, it is amazing for sure.But we’ll talk about its amazement in some other article.Let’s focus on the thing this article is about.

Disclaimer: This post is related to the reality of Indian child and I wanted to make you read it with some sarcastic touch.So, this post in no way is to offend parent’s coaching institutes or anyone else.

So guys let’s start from the beginning.Here in India, from childhood itself, a child is compelled to think about his future.Of course, he gets love and affection and every other thing that a child gets but also he gets something extra, a burden, burden of expectations.

Like if a child gets good marks in maths then he is a born engineer or if he scores good marks in biology then he is going to become a doctor.Oh my god! What the hell is this?I mean in small classes maths just have addition, subtraction, etc and that too of single digit number.Tell me any logic behind comparing a good scorer in these to becoming an engineer.No comparison at all.Here in engineering colleges, you don’t get addition or subtraction or any kind of thing as easier as that.Also, a good scorer in biology cannot be compared to a doctor straight away? why?I mean why shall you compare him/her to a doctor?Is it that easy to become a doctor as simple as roting 2 chapters with most important questions like :”What is the name of organ used for purification of blood?”.Not at all.A doctor studies things like valves pumping different parts of heart or whatsoever like that.Even I don’t know that because it’s not so easy.These two things are the dreams that most parents watch for their children.Some ruthless parents even have much bigger dreams like “Beta IAS banega mera”(My son will be an IAS officer) or some other unconventional dreams.But, even children have their own random dreams.If he plays good cricket for few days then he thinks he should become cricketer, but then his father makes him realise-“Beta padhai kar,itne paise khiladi bnane ke liye nhi kharch kr rha”(Dear son, go study, I’m not spending this much to make you a player).If one gets a good response in neighborhood about his singing/acting/dancing then one tries to get a career in that field without being aware of the real competition and struggle in those fields.Even this is ok.But then some of the children have the courage of dreaming big.Something much unrealistic like becoming some superhero, or becoming a scientist, or becoming the richest person in the world.But, as the person grows in age, his capability to dream becomes smaller, not because his dream is much bigger, but due to being forced in some way or the other to take up those courses the whole of the country have been following.

There can be many reasons for one taking up some course, each reason being justified in its own way.For time being let’s be focused on dreams in this blog and we’ll talk about various reasons and justify them in some other blog.Now, when the child passes his  5th class his happiest days are almost over because nowadays there are coaching institutes which make their parent believe that they can make their child whatever they have desired for.Even if the child survives coaching till 8th class then comes 9thclass where even the student starts to decide about his future and automatically joins coachig institutes hoping that they may crack up into their desired field till 12th.

Sometimes coaching institutes are even helpful.I am really stupid.They are of course useful, why wouldn’t they be, since they are sucking a lot of money from each of parent.Also they take almost 4 hours of your life each and every day.”Bhai agar banda kuch bhi nhi pdhna chahega na fir bhi ye coaching wale uski dimaag me sufficient knowledge bhar dete hain.”(Even if a person doesn’t want to study institutes put sufficient knowledge into his/her mind).Sometimes if they find that much time insufficient then they call you for those show-off extra classes on Sundays.Now parents become fully confident that you are almost into the desired branch of desired college.”Aakhir unke hisaab se to tu padh hi rha hai chahe bhale hi tu us institute me bandi dekhne jaata ho”(According to them you are spending so much hours in studies,they don’t have any clue whether you’re studying or going there just to watch some girls).That’s the biggest reason of their disappointment on case of our failure.They expect too much from us.Just imagine, they want to see us successful just by comparing that we have been spending so much time at school and coaching.Now the first test of your knowledge comes when its 10

Now the first test of your knowledge comes when its Class 10th board.Some manage to get a respectable marks while some fail to cross that 80+ mark.Now they are the one’s considered useless in the society(“Sharma ji ka ladka to itne number le aya,tu nhi la skta tha kya?Itne paise de kar coaching karayi thi.Sab mitti me mila diya tune”).For those getting 80+ marks, their life becomes easy for 2 months.Ooooo…….wait wait…for those in coachings they don’t even have 2 months.They are being made to work all their holidays in coachings to crack the so called desired competitions.And for those who enjoy after getting 80+, guys a life is waiting for you out there after vacations and its not going to be easy at all.Forget those marks.But how can you forget them?No, you’ve achieved it, right?The expectation which was just an expectation from your parents has suddenly become the expectation of your whole society, your doodhwala,sabjiwala,baal katne wala, pan wala, etc etc.So with this expectation load on you what you guys do is what I’m leaving for the next blog.If you enjoyed this blog, do share this story with everyone whom you like to be aware of these truths.Keep visiting us.

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