Border-The Misconception

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Border”?

Yes all of us have the same perception in our mind that border means barbed wire fencing, lot of soldiers with modern day arms and ammunitions patrolling the border and a place where public is not allowed to move around freely as it is not at all safe to move around,etc etc.

Thanks to India-Pakistan controversy that has led us to think this way.

But let me tell you that not all the borders in the world have the same situation with them.

There are some countries where you just move from one country to the other by just walking around.

Let me introduce you with the amazing border pictures of these 12 countries :

  • Argentina-Brazil-ParaguayIMG_20170312_181525

Argentina is on the left side,Brazil on the right and Paraguay is on the front.Isn’t it amazing?

  • Belgium-NetherlandsIMG_20170312_181514

Enter the cafe from the Netherlands and come out from Belgium.Adventurous right? Think if it was that easy at India-Pakistan border then Bajrangi Bhaijaan could not have been made :p

  • Brazil-Uruguay


Think how easy it is for these people to go on a foreign trip? Start walking from left side cross the footpath and boom……You are in a foreign land,Uruguay.

  • Canada-US


The border between Canada-US passes through a town named Derby Line. many buildings are divided into US and Canada.

  • China-Mongolia


This border between China and Mongolia is really so exciting to watch to.No wire fencing and just two dinosaurs kissing each other.

  • Germany-Czech Republic


The mountain which divides Germany and Czech Republic. The view is really awesome.

  • Germany-Netherlands


Amazing man. A building divided into two nations.Such a love it is.

  • Slovakia-Austria-Hungary


Won’t you like to have a few cups of coffee sitting over this amazing place?

  • Norway-Sweden


Isn’t it adventurous to chill out on the border?

Even we people chill out on the Wagha Border during Beating Retreat ceremony and not like these guys.

Eventually if we chill out like these guys on India-Pakistan border we’ll surely end up coming back home in coffins.

  • Poland-Ukraine


“Oh baby I’ve caught a fish.Let’s divide it among us”

This is what they’re doing right here.

  • Spain-Portugal


For us, it’s “Chal bhai Goa chalte hain”

For them, it must be “Let’s go to Spain/Portugal”

  • Sweden-Finland


Lets play golf standing between two countries.

That’s it of borders for today.If you have some more examples then you can comment here.

Image Courstesy : GustaakhiMaaf

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